Sunday, September 25, 2011

What goes with jeans?

From Instant Upload
That's what I asked myself this morning as I surveyed my closet. I started with a purple beaded tank top I got from Victoria's Secret quite a few years ago. Then I pulled out a ruffled tank I keep trying to wear but have only worn once or twice. It came from Old Navy and I like the idea of it, but it never looks right on me. The ruffles tend to twist around to the side and the tank is slightly too long to look right on its own. I was going to put a sweater over top, but instead I pulled out this ruffled button down shirt. I love it, but I've lost a couple of the buttons toward the bottom, so I haven't worn it in about 6 months or more. I left it unbuttoned, tossed a belt on, and called it good. I like it!!

The picture isn't too clear, so here's a detail shot...

From Instant Upload

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