Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gray and Red

Yesterday I looked super cute. I took pictures. I wore teal and brown. It was fun. My phone ate the pictures. Bad phone. It made me sad.

Today I wore gray and red. It makes me HAPPY! I pulled out my red purse for today, even! I love my red purse, but I usually carry my Miche Big Bag so I don't have to switch the contents of my purse. Ever. Except for today, because a red patent leather bag to go with my red patent leather belt and shoes was worth it. And, as happens without fail when I carry my red bag, I got compliments on it.

Here's the look...

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Some day I will have friends who are kind enough to take pictures for me so I can look like a model instead of someone standing in her closet taking pictures with her camera phone in front of a mirror. In the meantime, though, this is what you get. ;)

Some fun detail shots... 

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Baubles on my bracelet (from Walmart) and necklace (from Maurices) to go with my ruffles (shirt from Maurices) and patent leather (belt from Kohl's, bag from Mary Kay as a prize, and shoes from Dillard's).

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My earrings were a gift from Leif (from Etsy - I love it!) and the fun red flower in my hair was made by my friend Lynsay. Not shown here, but my jeans also came from Maurices, my favorite store. I am currently avoiding stepping foot in there for fear of how much it will cost me to get out. But oh, it's killing me not seeing their fun fall line!! LOL!

Today I am loving what I found in my closet! What have you found in yours that makes you smile?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday...

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Once again, I think, "I have GOT to clean that mirror!" And.... on to the outfit. This outfit came together thanks to this shirt ensemble I prepped on Sunday:

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I love my drapey, ruffly shirt, but as we get into fall, I don't like wearing sleeveless. Layer another T-shirt underneath and, voila! A good solution! It goes well with jeans, but today I paired it with a flowy black skirt and some knee-high heeled boots for a fun bit of feminine flair. Here's a close up:

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Fun ruffles!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What goes with jeans?

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That's what I asked myself this morning as I surveyed my closet. I started with a purple beaded tank top I got from Victoria's Secret quite a few years ago. Then I pulled out a ruffled tank I keep trying to wear but have only worn once or twice. It came from Old Navy and I like the idea of it, but it never looks right on me. The ruffles tend to twist around to the side and the tank is slightly too long to look right on its own. I was going to put a sweater over top, but instead I pulled out this ruffled button down shirt. I love it, but I've lost a couple of the buttons toward the bottom, so I haven't worn it in about 6 months or more. I left it unbuttoned, tossed a belt on, and called it good. I like it!!

The picture isn't too clear, so here's a detail shot...

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Casual Saturday

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Nothing fancy, just a casual Saturday at home while Ellie has a couple friends over to play!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pink and Brown

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For some reason I had a tough time taking pictures of this outfit this morning. Believe it or not, even with the weird hand placement, this was the best one. Oh well, it'll have to do! 

Given the choice, I am 99% of the time a heels gal. At 5 feet tall, I love me a few extra inches! Today, however, is a flats day. I don't know why, but it is. And when I want flats, these are usually my go-to shoes, which is funny because I didn't like them when I bought them. I actually only bought them because we were in Billings for Father's Day a few years ago and decided to go to the zoo... my heels were not the sort you want to walk around in for hours, so I stopped in Payless and bought the cheapest flats I could find that fit. Hello go-to flats. 

These are also my new-to-me Calvin Klein jeans I got for free at the neighbor's garage sale. Score! The shirt came from Ross, the vest from my all-time favorite store, Maurices, and the jewelry all came from other people. The bracelets and round necklace were awards from my Mary Kay Director this summer, and the brown necklace was a birthday present yesterday from my mother-in-law. I will have to do another post about the necklace, because yesterday I wore it as a bracelet and it was awesome. 

Anywhoo... that's what I'm wearing today!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today's attire...
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I have to admit, it's not the most flattering. Not sure I'll wear it again.

Well, that's jarring...

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That's what my husband had to say when he saw me, just before I walked out the door. Granted, it's one of the loudest outfits I've ever worn, but how can you go wrong with pink, black, and giraffe print?? LOL!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Another take on it

After wearing Sunday's outfit for most of the day, I got tired of the halter tied in the back and instead looped it around my neck and tied it. I also buttoned the top button of the sweater behind the neck. It gave me another take on the look!

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Back to work!

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After a week of being sick, including being in the hospital for a couple days, I am back at work today!! I am most excited about this outfit because I just got the blue shirt 50% off at Target and the black dress is one I haven't worn in a year. Just haven't been excited about it. Add a wide belt and grey ruffly shoes and a grey ruffly shrug, though, and I'm feeling on top of the world!! I color blocked, baby!

Here's what it looked like hanging in my closet...

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mix and match...

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Here I mix a floral halter top with pinstripe pants and add a turquoise sweater. Accents include a black zipper pin, black and silver beaded bracelets, blue dangly earrings, and grey stitched shoes (that you can't see well in this picture, but are cute - just trust me). Here's how it hung in my closet...

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Much cuter on, don't you think??

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Something cute to wear on a fall day

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A new ensemble

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This is a shirt I haven't worn in a year or more. I keep thinking I should get rid of it, but there it still hangs in my closet. I think I liked it so much a few years ago that I have a hard time just tossing it. In any event, I've only ever worn it by itself or with a black 3/4 sleeve underneath. Today I paired it with a red v-neck tee and some jeans and found it a cute look! Add to that some of my favorite red shoes ("Mischa" by Gianni Bini)

and some chunky gold / mother of pearl jewelry and I've got something to go with. So this is what I wore today!

Fall 2011 Trends

I've been looking at some Fall 2011 trends and trying to pair my closet shopping outfits accordingly. I'm not the world's trendiest person, but I am in the image industry, so I do like to know what's on the up and up. Here's what I've found...

Patterns - patterns are in this season! You can even mix patterns, which sort of scares me, but where I can I'll give it a try. =D Florals and geometrics seems to be the predominant patterns, and animal prints are in as well.

Bold Colors - while colors tend to go a little more drab in the fall and winter, this year color is in! Jewel tones are especially hot, so you can use them paired with some of the more monochromatic pieces in your wardrobe to extend the trendiness of what you already have!

Texture - this fall is all about texture, and mixing textures. Wool and satin, thick and thin, chunky and soft. Feel free to mix your summer and winter pieces for a layered look that is in!

Feathers - we've seen the feather trend this summer with hair accessories and extensions. Feathers extend to clothing as well this fall. It's a trend that's a little tricky to follow with what you've already got, but some key accessory pieces can make it work.

I'm sure there are many, many more trends, especially when you start to consider jewelry and accessories and shoes, but these are the main ones I've seen.

Teal and Brown

From Instant Upload

I am noticing some fun color trends emerging from my newly re-paired wardrobe and one of those is teal and brown. The color is really off in this picture and the ruffle shirt looks navy, but it is really a fun dark teal color!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pink and Black

I've never thought to pair this jacket with this skirt before, but I think it will be fun with this pink top, especially paired with pink pumps and some fun, blingy jewelry!

I'm going Closet Shopping

I love closet shopping. I just love it. What is closet shopping, you might ask? Well, closet shopping is when you go into your closet and put together outfits from your existing clothing that you've never tried before. Sometimes just looking at your wardrobe with fresh eyes is all it takes to get you excited about wearing what's in there again. And best of all, it's free!

My husband loves closet shopping, too. Partly because the clothes have to be put away to do it, but mostly because it's free.

I'm excited because tomorrow I have a new outfit to wear!