Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gray and Red

Yesterday I looked super cute. I took pictures. I wore teal and brown. It was fun. My phone ate the pictures. Bad phone. It made me sad.

Today I wore gray and red. It makes me HAPPY! I pulled out my red purse for today, even! I love my red purse, but I usually carry my Miche Big Bag so I don't have to switch the contents of my purse. Ever. Except for today, because a red patent leather bag to go with my red patent leather belt and shoes was worth it. And, as happens without fail when I carry my red bag, I got compliments on it.

Here's the look...

From Instant Upload
Some day I will have friends who are kind enough to take pictures for me so I can look like a model instead of someone standing in her closet taking pictures with her camera phone in front of a mirror. In the meantime, though, this is what you get. ;)

Some fun detail shots... 

From Instant Upload
Baubles on my bracelet (from Walmart) and necklace (from Maurices) to go with my ruffles (shirt from Maurices) and patent leather (belt from Kohl's, bag from Mary Kay as a prize, and shoes from Dillard's).

From Instant Upload
My earrings were a gift from Leif (from Etsy - I love it!) and the fun red flower in my hair was made by my friend Lynsay. Not shown here, but my jeans also came from Maurices, my favorite store. I am currently avoiding stepping foot in there for fear of how much it will cost me to get out. But oh, it's killing me not seeing their fun fall line!! LOL!

Today I am loving what I found in my closet! What have you found in yours that makes you smile?

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