Monday, October 17, 2011

Going Shopping...

... regular shopping, that is! I had some free time yesterday, so I headed to Ross to see if I could find some mustard yellow items for my closet. While I was there, I tried on a few things!! I tried on this skirt and little sweater, with the cami I was wearing...
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Then I tried on a poncho.
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And then with a belt...
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And then the only mustard yellow item I found in Ross at all. Seems they are terribly devoid of mustard these days. Sad.
From Instant Upload
And finally, I tried on a navy top.
From Instant Upload
Sooo.... what did I come home with? Any guesses? Well, here's what I decided....

*The skirt was cute, comfortable, and flattering. And I need a gray skirt that's not knit. Into the basket.
*The short teal sweater was adorable. 'nuff said. Into the basket! (Oh, did I mention it was less than $5?)
*The poncho, even with a belt, just didn't do anything for me. Back on the rack...
*The mustard, which I specifically went in search of, should be relegated to accent colors. Maybe a belt, or a scarf (both of which Target had, by the way... score!), but not as a shirt. Hello sunshine! Back on the rack...
*The blue top was a winner. I like navy, and this (actually, even this exact outfit!) I love. Huzzah!

So I came home with 3 of the 5 items I tried on, and they are items which complement my existing wardrobe, my body, my general ensemblage, and lifestyle.

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